Of all the events at the lavish Indian wedding, a sangeet is the most enjoyable. Days before the wedding, the bride’s and the groom’s families get together and celebrate dancing and singing while wearing the customary sangeet lehenga. Most Indian brides choose a sangeet lehenga choli as their preferred ladies’ sangeet attire. The brides can dance and enjoy themselves with relatives on the day of the sangeet because to the lehenga’s magnificent appearance and comfort. A sangeet lehenga is a versatile ethnic garment that can be used for different rituals, such as celebrations and gatherings.

Which hues are popular for sangeet lehenga?

You should choose colours for your sangeet lehenga that will make you stand out from the throng, such as orange, while still considering your personal preferences. Some of the current styles and hues for a bride’s sangeet lehenga includes Lucite green, emerald green, vanilla, ultraviolet, shark grey, gun metal, mint candy, lilac, and blue hues including cornflower blue, powder blue, cobalt blue, ash grey, teal, and lavender.

How can a sangeet lehenga be styled in various ways?

The flexibility of the many options for a sangeet lehenga for the bride also expands the styling options. Here are a few ways to style your lehenga for the sangeet:

Stylish flares: You need to choose a flare with shimmer and shine since the sangeet function will allow you to dance and flaunt your flares. A-line lehenga, panelled lehenga, layered lehenga, net or mesh lehenga, sharara-styled lehenga includes some of the well-known sangeet lehenga.

Lehenga for Mehndi

As crucial as dressing nicely for the wedding itself is dressing nicely for other wedding festivities. The bride and her family like the mehendi ceremony because it allows for informal dancing and celebration. It is crucial that the bride’s lehenga for mehendi ceremony be simple to wear and lightweight so that she can participate in playful activities. A lehenga for mehendi should not restrict the bride’s ability to dance. On these occasions, the bride typically chooses to wear light or warm colours since they are aesthetically beautiful and reflect her love of fun.


An Indian bride should wear a lehenga for mehndi function. Compared to other garments, a lehenga is particularly unique in its versatility. Lehenga for mehndi is a popular choice for because they perfectly combine the bride’s choice of a traditional appearance with more contemporary fashions. For a mehendi ceremony, a vivid yellow lehenga is a simple outfit to wear with patterns of motifs and embroidery. Its comfort level is unmatched and enables any bride to move without problem.

What accessories should I use with my lehenga for mehendi?

You can adorn your lehenga for mehendi with attractive jewellery in addition to the lovely mehendi that you will apply during a mehendi event. You can add a bracelet to your upper limb to complement your lehenga outfit in addition to a necklace, bracelets, and earrings. Additionally, you could wear jewellery like a floral headband or “bindi.”